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Hasco Collectibles was originally a joint venture of  HASCO, 701 Mantooth Ave., Lufkin, Texas, and LUFKIN MACHINING CENTER, 2300 N. Timberland Drive, Lufkin, Texas. HASCO was an eighteen year old company which originated under the name of Interface 21 Co. in Houston, Texas, in 1981. The types of work formerly performed by Interface 21 Co., i.e. CNC and manual machine tool rebuilding, CNC machine tool retrofitting, and machine tool service, were then handled by Lufkin Machining Center, Inc., while Hasco began primarily to deal in NASCAR officially licensed souvenirs, diecast cars, and apparel. HASCO was converted to HASCO Services, LLC, in January, 2007, and now performs all machine tool services formerly performed by Lufkin Machining Center, Inc.. HASCO Collectibles was a wholly owned subsidiary of HASCO Services, LLC, until December 31, 2007. HASCO Collectibles is now operated by Thomas Frazier of Lufkin, TX. Our phone number is (866)664-2726. Our fax number is (866)605-2738.